Reviews of The Wednesday Witch

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 “Laura was so kind and open – she immediately made me feel comfortable.  The insights she shared with me during my reading were spot on.  She’s amazing and I would definitely go to her again!”
-Melinda, Boston, MA

“I came to Laura to have my cards read and my chart mapped. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but Laura instantly made me comfortable. She displayed expertise and professionalism while still being gentle and compassionate. This allowed me to trust her completely, and open myself up to the experience in a greater way than I would have imagined.”
-Tamara, Petaluma, CA

“I am not particularly open to tarot or other healing modalities of a similar nature. Upon meeting Laura, it was clear that this was deeper and more holistic than I was anticipating. I was being seen, and being allowed to see myself. It was as if Laura was gently scrubbing the indecision, self doubt and hurt that collected around my relationships, self image and ideas about my future. It has been several weeks and I am left with a place of clarity I land when I feel nebulous. This was a deeply healing and empowering experience.”
-Brad, Jacksonville, FL

“My reading was a challenge and an affirmation; Laura held the space so gracefully that I was able to accept some of the hard things I had been looking away from. Namely, the fears and isolationist tendencies my reading illuminated. In the months since my reading, I’ve drawn a lot of my strength and courage from the invitation in my reading (and through my reading) to process and experience my memories and emotions.”
-Elizabeth, Brighton, MA